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History of Lawnside Scholarship Club

The first award for $50 went to the highest ranking high school graduate from Lawnside in 1945. The founding members held bake sales, sold newspapers and raised money in other ways. They were Linese Miller, Helen Mae Henderson, Elva Whittington, Edith Davis Andrews, Alice Still and Helen Moore Davis.

Lawnside Scholarship Club Members, 2016
Lawnside Scholarship Club Members, 2016: Standing (L-R), Eunice Smith-Clarke, Eboni Goodman, Paula Davis, Theresa Tutt, Terri Harper-Wright, Linda Shockley, Michelle Carter, Patricia Cobia, Gloria Goodman. Seated: Winifred Still Davis and Sharon Whitaker

Over the years, the number of members grew from six to 25. Several past recipients have joined the Club. The amount and number of awards have grown steadily, too, from the original $50 to four awards ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 to graduates with the highest averages.

The Linese Miller Leadership and Helen Mae Henderson Teaching awards are named for the group’s first presidents and undergraduate students are eligible to apply for $250 book awards once each year during their college careers. 

Today the Club awards $7,750 each year and administers nearly $9,000 in awards from individuals and community groups. With the Club’s help, many residents have become educators, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and other professionals. The Club also supports scholarly pursuits, enrichment activities and offers seminars to families. Honor Roll and Principal’s List achievers receive congratulatory letters from the Club and it presents an award to the Lawnside School eighth grade graduate excelling in English.

After the death of Alice Still, the last active charter member for 48 years, the Club used the memorial donations to rename the college emergency fund to the Alice Still Fund for emergency purposes. The 1995 bequest from the estate of Elizabeth Jones endowed a $500 award for academic excellence for graduating seniors with an average of 93 or more. 

The Club’s presidents include Helen Mae Henderson, Linese Miller, Loretta Chappelle, Helen Davis,  Edith Andrews, Mary C. Still, Gladys Jones, Louise M. Wright, Ardelia Moore, Alice Still, Dolores B. Johnson,  Barbara Turner, Rose Bradley, Helen Jay,  Ellen Benson, Alice Smith, Elva Whittington, Elva Mitchell, Ardelia Gibson, Gloria Goodman and  Sharon Whitaker. More than 60 Lawnsiders have been Club members.

The Lawnside Scholarship Club has been federally tax-exempt status since 1995.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lawnside Scholarship Club is to promote intellectual encouragement by providing scholarships and book awards to Lawnside residents as they graduate from high school. Additionally, the Club administers awards from individuals and community groups honoring our graduates who pursue higher education and special skills training.

Past LSC Club Members

Lawnside Scholarship Club Members, 2017
Lawnside Scholarship Club Members, 2017: (L-R) Gloria Goodman, Eunice Smith-Clarke, Michelle Carter, Theresa Tutt, Winifred Still Davis, Paula Mitchell, Sharon Whitaker, Eboni Goodman
Lawnside Scholarship Club Members, 2018
Lawnside Scholarship Club Members, 2018: Standing (L-R) Winifred Still Davis, Patricia Cobia, Eunice Smith-Clarke, Eboni Goodman, Linda Shockley. Seated: Theresa Tutt, Paula Davis

Lawnside Scholarship Club Committee

  • Sharon Whitaker, President
  • Winifred Still Davis, Vice President
  • Theresa Tutt, Financial Secretary
  • Gloria Goodman, Treasurer & Social Secretary
  • Gina Wardlow Hill, Recording Secretary
  • Chantelle Davis, Parliamentarian
  • Christine Lewis Coker
  • Patrice Fields
  • Eboni Goodman
  • Tjien Johnston
Lawnside Scholarship Club Members, 2019
Lawnside Scholarship Club Members, 2019: (L-R) Theresa Tutt, Eboni Goodman, Michelle Carter, Sharon Whitaker, Winifred Still Davis, Linda Shockley, Paula Davis and Gloria Goodman

Would you like to join the Lawnside Scholarship Club?

The Lawnside Scholarship Club is looking for dedicated people to join the organization as stewards of its mission and goals. If you would like to be considered for membership, please send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

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