Lawnside Juneteenth 5K Run/Walk & 1 Mile Walk

In recognition of Juneteenth, a health movement will be born. Saturday, June 18th marks the inaugural Juneteenth Lawnside 5k walk/run, 1 mile walk. As a member of the Juneteenth Lawnside 5k Health and Wellness committee of the Borough of Lawnside, New Jersey, we are seeking support from local vendors.

This day will consist of a 5k walk/run as well as a 1 mile walk. Our goal is to raise $15,000 with the help of our valuable partners to increase the health outcomes of our community and raise awareness of health disparities in the black community as well as to improve our public park.

The Lawnside Recreation Park provides exercise-related opportunities for all Lawnside residents and visitors. Aligned with our health goals, we are raising awareness of health disparities within Black communities throughout Camden County.

This fundraiser will raise money for the Lawnside Scholarship Club. The mission of the Lawnside Scholarship Club is to promote intellectual encouragement by providing scholarships and book awards to Lawnside residents as they graduate from high school. Additionally, the Club administers awards from individuals and community groups honoring our graduates who pursue higher education and special skills training.

To date, sponsors include Grace Temple Development Corporation, a 501(c) 3. We are also seeking financial contributions and sponsors for the following: water bottles; t-shirts; registration materials and awards. If you are willing to make a financial contribution, be a sponsor, or serve as a vendor for this event, please complete the enclosed donor form and mail to Grace Temple Community Development Corporation, 15 E. Charleston Ave. Lawnside, NJ 08045.

Our success will not be possible without the generous support from people like you and the organizations you represent. Thank you in advance for your consideration.