Over 35 students were awarded scholarships last year.
Will you be next?

Apply to be eligible for a scholarship or an award this academic year.

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For High School Seniors

Academic scholarships are available for students who have lived in Lawnside at least four years prior to graduating from any high school.  These scholarships are presented by the Club to the students with the four highest grade point averages.  Awards from individuals and community organizations are also available.

To be eligible for a scholarship, graduating seniors are asked to submit their contact information plus some information about their academic\athletic achievements and\or accomplishments, plus a few words about their interests for college or university.

Each student is asked to supply a photo, a list of patrons and information about their plans to the Club for inclusion in our Salute to Graduating Seniors booklet.  Participating seniors will be honored during the Salute to Graduating Seniors program.

Dates to Remember for Students

Important Dates

Graduating seniors who have been notified they are recipients of one of the top awards or the Elizabeth Jones Award must complete the appropriate Scholarship Request Form to receive the funds.

Winners are announced during the Salute to Graduating Seniors Celebration.

For Parents

Each senior is asked to supply a portrait, a list of patrons and information about his or her plans for the future to the Club for inclusion in our program booklet. Seniors will be honored during our Salute to Graduating Seniors celebration.

Click here to complete the Salute to Seniors Information Form.

Ongoing Support

For College Students

Undergraduate students may apply for an annual book award by completing the Book Award Request Form.  A maximum of four requests will be considered.


Other Scholarship Opportunities

Here are other Scholarship Resources. Be sure to note the deadlines.

  • Scholly. Explore scholarship opportunities with Scholly. Visit myscholly.com for a list of available scholarships.
  • Grace Temple CDC is offering a STEAM and a STEM scholarship,  applications due June 30, 2024. Scroll to the CDC section of the page www.gracetemplebaptist.org/
  • Niche. Explore scholarship opportunities with Niche. Visit www.niche.com/colleges/scholarships/ for a list of available scholarships.
  • $2,000 Sallie Mae Scholarship. Next Deadline: February 29th, 2024. This scholarship is awarded monthly throughout 2024 on a rolling basis. No essay requirements. Simply sign a short form and submit your information to be eligible to win.


pre-college planning

For High School Students

The Club wants to get to know you through our mentoring program. You are never too young to start thinking about and planning for life after high school. Choosing the right courses and making good grades qualify you for awards, scholarships and special recognition.

Consult with your parents and guidance counselor as you start reviewing colleges, technical schools and other career options now. Use this link to fill out the form so we can add you to our list of students to get to know.